If you’re like us, you’ll have questions. Fortunately, we have the answers. And if there’s anything we missed, always email or call us!


Ok, I created an account. What happens next?

Next, we’ll use all of your awesome quiz answers to handpick a personalized box for your child each season (AKA, four times a year) with a selection of 8 pieces. When it’s ready, we’ll email a link to Sneak a Peek so you can yay or nay the selections. If you don’t like what we’ve chosen, just swap for something else. Or, leave it up to us: a Rocket Scientist can always rebuild the box for you! When it arrives, checkout online to let us know what you’re keeping. Then, mail us back your returns. We’ll send a reminder email before the next box ships to give you plenty of time to update sizes and preferences. Then, we’ll update you with an estimated shipping time and a link to the Box Scheduler tool where you can reschedule if needed.

How does the membership service work?

Sign up and tell us a little about your kid(s) — their style, likes, dislikes. Based on their preferences, we then select 8 items for your child and send them to you to try on at home. You keep what you like, send back the rest (on us, of course).

How do you choose clothing for my child?

Picking out clothes that both kids and parents approve of is rocket science. Thankfully, we know a lot about that! Our selection is made using equal parts art and science. Our design and merchandising team has over 100 combined years of design expertise. (i.e. our stellar merchandising team + a data-driven algorithm).

What comes in my box?

A personalized selection of 8 outfit-ready items for your child.

Sneak a Peek

As soon as we’ve put your box together, we’ll email you a link to Sneak a Peek of the selections. You’ll have until midnight the next day to click the link and approve the box. Once you do, we’ll start shipping! If there’s something you’d rather not receive, just click “no thanks.” We can swap it out with something else for you. Or, if inventory allows, hand-select the swap yourself by clicking “let me pick.”

My peek deadline passed!

After the 48 hours passes, we send your box to be shipped. If you need to make a swap, contact a Rocket Scientist at 1-877-ROCKETS or help@rocketsofawesome.com as soon as possible and we’ll adjust the box if we can.

Do I have to keep everything my box?

Absolutely not. Keep the items that work, send back the ones that don’t. You only pay for items you keep.

Keep all items for only $150

Keep the entire box for a special price of $150! Just select “keep all” at checkout and we’ll charge you the special flat rate (plus tax, if applicable). As always, if you’ve paid a service fee, your fee will still apply to this total. If you end up deciding to return items from the box after checkout, you’ll receive a refund for that piece at a prorated price.

Do I have to receive a box four times a year? What if I want to skip a season?

You’re in charge — you can opt out or skip a box anytime. For now, email us at help@rocketsofawesome.com and we’ll take care of that for you!

How long does it take to get my first box?

It will typically take 1-2 business days for your box to be prepared at our facilities in Connecticut. Once shipped, it will take around 2-4 additional business days in transit via USPS. Please keep holidays in mind when considering shipping speeds, as they do not count as business days.

How will I know when to expect my box each season?

We’ll reach out to update your sizing and any style preferences a few weeks before we send the box out each season.

How will I know when my box is on the way?

You’ll receive an email with tracking information as soon as your box ships!

How do I change the delivery date?

Before the box ships out each season, you'll be able to login and select your shipping window (https://secure.rocketsofawesome.com/box)

How often will I receive a box?

We will ship your seasonal box 4 times a year at the beginning of each season. You’ll never have to shop again!

Can I keep everything in my box?

Of course you can! And we hope you do. The more feedback you give us, the better we will get at nailing your selection.

What is the return policy?

Once you’ve received your box, let us know within 5 days what you’ll be keeping. To do this, log into your Rockets of Awesome account and follow the steps to process a return. Once complete, pack up your box (or use the return bag included), attach the return label that came with your order, and send it on back. Please note: if we have not received your return back within 10 business days, you will be charged for all items. If you’re worried about meeting the deadline, just reach out so we can step in and help!

How do I update my child’s sizes?

You can manage size and style preferences directly in the Style File on our website. Make sure you’re logged in at RocketsofAwesome.com, find your name menu bar, and navigate to Style File.

Will you automatically update my child’s sizes?

Every kid is different! We don't want to assume anyone's size based on their age so we leave it up to parents to update all sizing through the Style File each season.

I love it, but it doesn’t fit. Can I swap sizes?

Absolutely. Simply return the item that doesn’t fit, then head to The Shop and order it in another size. The Shop will be available to you after you complete box checkout for the current season.

I love it... but would love it more in another color. Can I swap colors?

Of course. Simply return the item you received, then head to The Shop and order it in the color(s) you like.

Can I request specific items?

We’re here to simplify your life and do the work for you. That said, if you fall in love with an item you see on the playground, call or email us, and we’ll do our best to send it to you.

How can I pause my Rockets of Awesome subscription?

Pausing is easy! Send us an email at help@rocketsofawesome.com or call 1-877-ROCKETS and we will pause your account for one season.

How can I cancel my Rockets of Awesome subscription?

If you’d like to discontinue your subscription with Rockets of Awesome, send us an email at help@rocketsofawesome.com or call 1-877-ROCKETS — we will take care of it right away! We love feedback so any information you'd like to share about why you are cancelling is always greatly appreciated.


How does the service fee work?

There is a $5 service fee per box, which we’ll credit towards anything you keep. Please note, if you purchase items from your box totalling less than $5, you will not receive a refund for any remaining amount.

When is the service fee charged?

If you’re a new customer, we’ll charge the $5 service fee upon signup. If you’re a returning customer, the fee will be charged as we begin to assort your next box.

When will my credit card be charged for the box?

Your card will be charged immediately when you submit feedback on what you are keeping, and what you are returning via your Rockets of Awesome account. If your returns deadline has lapsed (This is 5 Standard Days after your box was delivered) and you have not submitted feedback online or initiated your returns in the mail, a charge will be processed for the entire box.

Will I be charged if I don't keep anything in my box?

If you do not keep any items from the box, you will only be charged for the $5 service fee.

How does the referral program work?

Our referral program is a great way to spread the word and get free items! You can share your unique link with friends (available when you are logged in on RocketsofAwesome.com/invite). For each friend that signs up and purchases at least 2 items, you will receive one item free in your next box!

I referred a friend. Why didn’t I get a free item in my box?

There are two things that could happen here! The first (and most likely) is, your friend signed up through our standard website and did not use your link. If this happened, please email help@rocketsofawesome.com with your friend's information and we can correct it in our system. The other option is, your friend purchased after you already got your box. In this case, you will recieve a free item in next season’s box.


How do I know what size my child is?

Our sizing is straightforward and always reliable! You can reference our size chart when you fill out The Quiz.

A few tips:
Our sizing skews to the slimmer side (think, in between Gap and Crewcuts).
We know blended sizing can be confusing – ours is the average of the 2 sizes.
If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

What is the Pinky Promise?

Our clothes can stand up to serious play, meaning:
- Colors won't fade after a few washes.
- Clothes won't rip or tear easily.
- Fabrics will be super soft and comfortable.

Where is the clothing made?

We work with factories in Asia and The Dominican Republic.

How do I return the clothing I do not want?

Pack up the items you’d like to return in the box, or the grey mylar bag provided with your order if you’d prefer to keep the box (It’s a pretty sweet box!). Place the enclosed return label on the bag or box, and send it on its way (free of charge of course) via USPS.

The Shop

What is "The Shop"?

The Shop is a curated selection of merchandise just for you. You can buy new styles as well as more colors and sizes of favorites in your Shop. Once you receive a box and complete your return or notify us you are keeping everything, your Shop will be unlocked.

Do you get free try-ons in The Shop?

We don't offer free try-ons for items in The Shop. Purchases are charged to your credit card upon order, and shipping is free for purchases over $50. Returns are always free.

Why am I being charged for shipping when I place an order in The Shop?

While your box will always be delivered with shipping free of charge, orders placed through The Shop that are under $50 will incur a $5 shipping fee for standard shipping. The Shop allows you to buy individual items rather than full seasons and in order to get the best value on our product, a small fee was instituted for orders less than $50.

Are returns free?

Yes, returns are free and easy! The return label to send your order back will be included with your shipment. Just stick it on, and send it back!


Why do you need my child's birthday?

Having this information allows us to further personalize your box in terms of sizing and age-appropriate designs. We ensure the highest level of privacy and will not share this information with anyone at any time.

Can I purchase Rockets of Awesome clothing at retail locations?

Not at this time. In order to deliver the highest level of personalization, it's important to us that we have a direct relationship with our customers. Selling direct to the customer also enables us to provide you with high quality clothing at an exceptional value.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the continental United States. (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are in the works.)

How do you ship?

Box orders as well as the default shipping speed for Shop orders will be sent USPS Priority.

What is the price point for Rockets of Awesome clothing?

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality, well-designed clothing at an exceptional value. Prices range from $12-$36, but at times you may find 1-2 special pieces in your box that are slightly outside of that range.

What questions are in the style profile?

Color preferences, style preferences, items your kid won't wear... stuff like that so we can deliver pieces your child will love.

Do you ship to a PO Box?

Yes! If you could drop a line to help@rocketsofawesome.com once you've placed your Box order that will be shipping to a PO Box, we will make arrangements to ensure it is delivered!

Do you ship to FPOs, DPOs, or APOs?

At this time we are not able to ship to overseas Military Shipping addresses. Please check back, as we're currently looking for ways to make this available!